Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale Recap - Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 13 Face Off

10/10/2011 19:56


The following shows the full recap of Breaking Bad S04E13: Face off and if you want to watch Breaking Bad season 4 episode 13 online, just go to now.


In the parking garage, Walt runs over to Gus' Volvo and disconnects the makeshift bomb. Inside the hospital, Walt carries the bomb carefully over to Jesse who is waiting near the ICU. Walt says that Gus must be on to us and asks Jesse what he said to Gus. Walt asks where he can place the bomb where Gus won't see it coming. Jesse starts worrying because he can't think of anything. Just then, two Albuquerque police officers show up and ask to talk to Jesse about Brock and Andrea's situation. Walt is left to try and plan his next move alone.

Watch Breaking Bad Full Episodes online free. The two police officers ask Jesse about the ricin. Jesse thinks he may have saw it on "House" or the Discovery Channel, saying it's a common thing. The officers don't let him leave just yet. Jesse says the cops can call his lawyer, Saul Goodman. Meanwhile, at Saul's office, Francesca is still shredding documents but is interrupted by Walt who breaks into the office. Francesca explains that Saul is not here since Saul is scared for his life. Francesca argues that Walt has become a pain in her ass because now she has to wait for someone to fix the door, in addition to going on unemployment. Walt forks over $1700 for the door, asking for a phone number. Francesca says it's going to cost more like $20,000. Walt is shocked, but Francesca is serious. Walt reluctantly goes to get the money. He heads over to his house but is weary about entering. Walt calls an operator and phones a neighbor Rebecca who has a key to the house. Walt makes up a story that Walt Jr. may have left a stove burner on. Rebecca agrees to check.

Walt watches from afar in his Aztec. The older woman Rebecca heads over to check on the house. Two men do appear from the side of the house and leave the area. After Rebecca calls Walt back saying the house is fine, Walt heads in and grabs the money from the crawl space. However, the two men have come back into the house and see Walt close the utility closet door. Walt escapes through the crawl space before the two gunmen can find him.

Back at the hospital, Jesse asks how Brock is, but the two cops are not talking. Saul arrives and kicks the two officers out. Saul argues that Jesse and Walt have really made him work for his money. Jesse has been thinking and tells Saul to tell Walt about Hector (Tio) Salamanca who is in the senior's home. Saul explains that Tio may have murdered someone close to Gus. Walt puts two and two together and says they must be enemies. Walt visits and tries to talk to Hector. Hector is not exactly pleased to see him because Walt's actions led to the death of Tuco. Walt says he offers the opportunity of revenge.

Hector prepares to talk, well, ring his bell. When he rings, the attendant comes in. He talks the nurse into getting a board. He begins spelling something out with the nurse that takes a few minutes. But he spells out "NEED DEA" but the nurse doesn't understand "DEA" means the FBI Department. Outside the senior's home, Walt waits in the car. Walt Jr. calls and asks when he is coming to Hank's house. Walt says he is taking the threat seriously but he will get there as soon as he can. Marie is upset about Walt taking his time. Hank continues to pour over the photos from the laundry facility. Gomez heads into Hank's house. Hank tells Gomez that the laundry facility is running too much electricity and demands another look at the warehouse. Gomez informs Hank that there is a new piece of information from Hector Salamanca but he only wants to talk to Hank. Gomez says the situation checks out, but the entire family is listening and says he should not do it.

Hank does go down to the station, despite his family's orders. Hector says he wants to say something to Hank. The nurse is also there spelling out his words, but this time Hector spells out a swear word. He does it again. ASAC Merkert gets frustrated and the nurse apologizes and brings Hector back to the van. Tyrus is outside watching Hector coming out of the DEA building. Tyrus calls Gus and they are both shocked – they think Hector has said something to the DEA. The nurse brings Hector back to his room and scolds him. Walt comes in as soon as the nurse leaves. Walt asks if Hector has any second thoughts, but Hector does not ring his bell. Tyrus drives his Oldsmobile over to the senior's home and heads into the building. Tyrus heads straight over to Room 303 and checks out Hector's room with a radiofrequency device. Hector doesn't move. Walt is able to get out undetected.

The officers head over to tell Jesse that Brock wasn't poisoned. The toxicology screen came back negative. Jesse runs out of the police station to grab a cab. Despite there being cops around, Jesse is tasered and thrown into a van. Tyrus calls Gus and says that there is no movement here. Gus says that he will come and take care of Hector. Gus is watching through his many cameras, but sees nothing. Gus removes his Pollos uniform. Gus heads over to the senior's home and Tyrus walks into the building ahead of Gus. Gus frowns, but stares blankly ahead. His phone rings and the men report an all clear. Gus tells the driver to wait while he heads in. Inside Hector's room, Gus locks the door and Tyrus turns Hector to face Gus. Gus scolds Hector for talking to the DEA. Tyrus prepares a syringe. Gus pulls up a chair and sits opposite. Gus says it's the last chance to look at Gus. But before he injects, Hector does look at him and starts to burst out in anger. The bomb is connected to the bell and Hector blows them all up. Gus appears to walk out of the blast, but his right side is in shambles and he falls to the floor. Walt listens to the radio from his car. On the radio, he hears that an explosion has ripped through the senior's home and that 3 people are dead.

Jesse is brought back to the lab to work. A man with a gun keeps Jesse on track but handcuff's him as he heads towards the elevator. When the elevator opens, Walt is there and shoots the guard dead. Walt appears and Jesse is shocked. Walt says that Gus is dead. They immediately start spilling the chemicals out onto the floor. Walt had rigged up a fuse that will ignite soon. The two head up the stairs and walk calmly out of the laundry facility. Before they leave, they pull the fire alarm, allowing most of the laundry workers to escape. The fire starts in the lab and leads to the eventual burning of the entire facility.

Outside, Walt waits for Jesse to meet him. Jesse has gone to check on Brock at the hospital and he is going to be fine. Jesse mentions that it wasn't the ricin, but it was another plant with berries that kids sometimes eat. Gus didn't poison Brock after all. Walt says that Gus had to go after all. They shake hands and part ways for now. Walt calls Skyler and finally sounds relieved, saying he is good. Skyler says that Gus Frings is dead. Walt says that they are all safe now and that he won. Walt sees Gus' car in the parking lot as he heads out. Meanwhile, Walt's backyard is shown and the plant in the backyard is centered.