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04/10/2011 10:50


Watch Hart of Dixie season 1 episode 1 online full replay for free. So if you are here looking to watch Hart of Dixie full episodes online then, check out for that. The following shows the recap of the Hart of Dixie episode 1:
Zoe Hart remembers his diploma. She once had everything, but then things started to go down. Her boyfriend dumped her, and she did not get the medical community in New York she wanted. It does not get a job offer from his doctor, and we flash back to present it as it comes in Arkansas. She is shocked to discover that Harley Whike died several years ago. He had left the practice of Zoe, but he had his receptionist Mrs Hattenbarger continue to send her cards postcard from him, knowing she would eventually occur.
It turns out that Zoe has only half of the practice, the other half of the Brick Dr. Breeland. The way in which his daughter Zoe, lemon, which he did not get along. Zoe first patient is always a sight test for the DMV. He passes the test Zoe lands on the paper. It turns out that was outside of the eye chart, and he really is legally blind. Zoe gets a call later that day, saying that the patient has had an accident. It turns out that the patient had previously met George Tucker attourney.
Zoe meets Lavon Hayes, a linebacker NFL. They get along very well and he shows her around. Dr. Bree-land back from his hunting trip and is unhappy to share his practice with some girl from town. Zoe is unhappy and goes to the store for alcohol. She meets Mabel, who tells her pregnancy and disease. Zoe heads home with her neighbor is on his way, and finds his mother waiting for him.
Zoe talks about his mother back home with him. Zoe the way for George to sign him in practice, more than half of the brick. Mabel Zoe gets a call saying he has a lot of pain. Mabel Breeland working party. Zoe makes her way through the party, Mayor Hayes. Mabel Zoe to find and break the news to him that is having a baby at the time.
Requests for blocks for the delivery of the baby, but insists Mabel Zoe to do so. Zoe, with the help of Bree Mabel has successfully delivered the baby. Back at practice, Ms. Zoe said Hattenbarger the truth of why Harley has left the field for her - because he is her biological father. Zoe decides to stay in Arkansas and in practice. Watch TV shows online full replay for free at