Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 Online TVD S03E03: The End of the Affair

29/09/2011 12:57


Watch The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 3 online replay for free on or after September 29, 2011 Thursday night in eastern time. The following shows the full recap of the previous episode of The Vampire Diaries television show.
He discovered that Stefan and Alaric tried to convince him not to go looking for him, because it is dangerous. Ellen asked to go - his reasoning is that he does not give up to save him. So, Elena will walk you through the mountains with Alaric and Damon look for Stefan. Ray Sutton run in there. Ray had shot, Klaus, and he went crazy after that. Stefan Ray bites, then goes to bite Damon, who ends up tearing the heart. Alaric says Elena is too dangerous to be there, and they leave behind Damon.
Later, in Mystic Falls, Damon faces Elena. She said the only reason she left him on the mountain do not want to hurt him.
Tyler finally cleaned her mother that she is a werewolf. He now prohibits, and Caroline to ask her a monster. Tyler tries to save Caroline seems to work. She is chained in the cellar, and there is a hostage of his father, Bill.
Jeremy tells Matt to see the ghost of Vicki. Vicki told Jeremy that she can return. Saint Anne comes and says he can not trust Vicki ghosts.
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